Monday, September 15, 2014

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Friday, September 12, 2014

The struggles of being a jumper


Chances are, if you’re a woman and you’ve had much contact with the leadership of FIFA, you have a story to tell about sexism and soccer’s world governing body.

U.S. forward Abby Wambach tells one from the time she and her now-wife, Sarah Huffman, were backstage in a VIP room in January 2013 before the World Player of the Year awards gala in Zurich, Switzerland. “[FIFA president] Sepp Blatter came into our little area, and he walked straight up to Sarah and thought she was [Brazilian star] Marta,” says Wambach.

“Marta!” Blatter said, hugging a bewildered Huffman, who doesn’t look much like Marta. “You are the best! The very best!”

“He had no idea who Marta was, and she’s won the award five times,” says Wambach. “For me, that’s just a slap in the face because it shows he doesn’t really care about the women’s game.”


Former U.S. World Cup winner Julie Foudy tells a story about the time she was part of the globally televised draw for the men’s 1998 World Cup in Marseille, France. Blatter said something about her onstage in French. “I don’t speak French,” says Foudy, “but when I got off the stage two women who worked for FIFA were kind of angry.”

“Why are you angry?” Foudy asked them.

“We don’t like what he just said about you,” said one.

“What did he say?”

“That they brought you here because you looked good—and nothing about your football.”

With Women’s World Cup on horizon, sexism remains part of FIFA culture (via thrace-)
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Next time you go walking around barefoot in the water…


No worries, that’s a Bobbit Worm. They live on the ocean floor, and unless you’re able to withstand a ton of pressure, you likely wouldn’t have your toesies nipped off by one since they live deeper than people walk on the ocean floor.

Bobbit Worms are kinda cool. And they were named after Laurena Bobbit, who cut off her abusive husband’s penis and threw it out of her car window as she drove off.


ah Lorena Bobbit, what a 90s hero she was

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How the hell are we supposed to by tickets 3 months before we know what group/stadium the uswnt will be playing in?!

9 photos of…Ali Krieger


The weirdest thing I fangirl over is probably Ali Krieger’s first touch. Especially when it’s for a long pass that she’s receiving, I even call it the “Krieger touch” 

In practice



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In game


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If you don’t think this is the best Instagram photo of 2014, then you’re wrong.


If you don’t think this is the best Instagram photo of 2014, then you’re wrong.